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When UK trained journalist, Megan Norris, arrived in Australia in 1990, her 15 years covering major news breaks, courts and police rounds led to the formation of a busy freelance court agency, supplying exclusive headline making stories to the national print and TV media.

Her endless supply of harrowing, heartbreaking crime stories– and more commonly, quirky, bizarre and beyond-belief tales of incredible survival, and battlers defying the odds– soon resulted in regular commissions from Australia’s biggest national magazines.

Over the past two decades she has been asked to chase and cover some of the country’s biggest unfolding newsbreaks – securing and writing major world exclusives on everything from the Port Arthur Massacres and the Bali Bombings, to behind the scenes stories from Melbourne’s Underworld Wars, the Black Saturday Bush Fires, Beaconsfield Mining Disaster and a procession of high profile court cases.

Today, her Melbourne-based news agency is the first port of call for the magazine industry as publications vie to be first off the rank with exclusive news features which are regularly syndicated world-wide.

Megan’s passion for crime writing lies behind her special interest in women and children as victims of crime. She is a former winner of the EVA (Eliminating Violence Against Women) Awards for the best report on the subject of domestic violence in a national magazine and a former winner of Best Suburban Newspaper Feature in 1991.

Hounding and writing news features for both Australian and international publications, NewScoopMedia specializes in:

  • Incredible first hand accounts from victims of crime
  • Star studded celebrity stories – including budding romances, weddings and babies to TV tell-alls, secret love children, scandals and behind the scenes gossip
  • Astonishing stories of triumph over tragedy and amazing true tales of survival from ordinary people
  • Medical and health issues – including personal stories from battlers who’ve beaten amazing odds
  • True real-life stories from ordinary people facing extraordinary life issues
  • Investigative features

So if you’ve got a story to tell, let me tell it for you, professionally, ethically and in your own words.

And Megan Norris will help you do that – ethically, professionally and in your own words.

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