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Behind every successful business there’s always a story begging to be told. If your business has a great story behind it, I’ll ferret it out and tell it in a way that will secure you the kind of headline coverage my own human interest and crime stories attract. Years of experience working in busy news rooms, scouring media releases and business profiles for a news angle that will jump off the page, gives me an edge over other PR whizz’s – because I know what works and gets spiked.

My former projects have included:

  • A series of stories in New Idea promoting Telstra’s projects to link Australia’s most remote primary schools with the rest of the country
  • A media strategy for Business Victoria who enlisted my expert help to unearth and write a series of press releases highlighting how their grants were boosting businesses across the state
  • External publications for suburban councils who relied on my sharp news instinct and professional writing skills to produce newspapers highlighting their projects and services to ratepayers
  • A business newspaper for an outer eastern shire promoting the businesses of the Yarra Valley at a national export expo
  • An annual report for Family Planning Victoria, produced as a news brochure for the purposes of attracting national publicity and funding external and internal publications for major corporate players
  • Web copy for corporates, small businesses, bed and breakfast establishments and individuals
  • Advertorials, staff newsletters, brochures, flyers etc
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