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I have a wealth of experience in handling publicity from both sides of the news desk! As a journalist I have researched and written features on successful small businesses for national business magazines. I have also penned countless stories featuring women in business for the business pages of the daily press.

A number of my stories on extraordinary women have appeared in New Idea, Woman’s Day, That’s Life and Take 5 where my extensive, established network of news contacts has also secured my stories a place on popular top rating TV shows like Today Tonight and A Current Affair, where my own books have been featured.

Other stories which have attracted magazine and TV coverage include:

  • A fellow author whose new book about her personal experience of family violence was covered in a double page spread in New Idea.
  • A home based WA company successfully manufacturing jeans for extra-leggy women
  • A small Perth business which began with a female entrepreneur creating a wonder cure for skin ailments like psoriasis which is now being exported internationally
  • A SA entrepreneur who is sourcing and manufacturing shoes for women with extra-large feet
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